Private Lessons

Private singing lessons develop confidence, poise, and self-esteem while encouraging self expression and self discipline. Individually designed exercises help a student focus on strengthening weaknesses. Specific types of repertoire aide in applying technique to music and then enriching music with emotional content. Classical and Romantic era songs are learned to gain control of phrasing, breath, and vowel placement. If a student chooses to learn a pop song, natural style and language is adapted. Appropriate vocal techniques are studied to sing Broadway showtunes.

Because I love lots of different kinds of music but believe in intelligent, informed singing, I teach techniques that help a singer adapt to the style of each composer while maintaining their own unique sound.

One on one music lessons are intimate and intense, an opportunity to get to know one another and get to know music. So many songs and so little time!

I recommend half hour lessons for beginners, children, and hobbyists. I recommend at least a forty-five minute lesson for the more serious student to allow time to learn about music theory, music history and study challenging repertoire.

I recommend children ages 7-12 study singing in groups. This environment allows for discovery and gives the student, the parents, and the teacher time to determine the level of commitment to vocal study. If a young singer is particularly motivated and has natural talent, private lessons can be discussed.

By the time a young singer is in eighth grade or high school and their bodies are maturing, more serious study is encouraged by moving into private lessons. By junior year of high school, a singer can prepare for scholarship competitions by studying required repertoire from six centuries of vocal literature.