Tuition is due monthly and on the first lesson of each month. For private lessons, tuition is based on the number of weeks per month. There are no refunds for missed lessons. Tuition is due regardless of any absences. If for any reason there is an absence the first week of the month, tuition is to be mailed.


Missed lessons may be made-up only if 24 hours notice is given so that another singer can be found to buy that lesson time. If a student misses due to illness, a lesson may be made-up, 1 lesson per school semester (Sept-Jan., Feb.-June.) Lessons missed by me will be made-up.


A week's notice or a week's tuition is required if a student decides to discontinue lessons. For students cast in shows where rehearsals conflict with lesson times, two weeks notice is required and tuition is due to hold your appointment time unless the appointment time can be temporarily filled by another paying student.


There is a $10.00 music fee due upon registration for copies which are provided. This is a convenience to the student and a way to insure individualized training. My library is available for research and study. Students are encouraged to shop for their own materials and buy charts in their key from or by visiting our local music store, The Magic Flute.


There are two student recital opportunities. Students should plan on participating in at least one per year. There is a recital fee assessed to each student to cover the costs of extra coaching, a professional accompanist and rental of the recital hall. The Honor Recital is designed for the serious music student committed to the study of all vocal repertoires, especially for juniors and seniors preparing to enter college. If a student of high school age or older expresses interest in competing for scholarships, there are a few competitions in late winter each year which require application fees and special repertoire must be prepared.


Singing lessons include ear training and sight-reading. The study of another instrument, particularly piano is encouraged for music reading proficiency.


If a student suffers from frequent hoarseness, allergies or colds, a check-up with a laryngologist is recommended before studying singing. If a student has a cough or cold virus, you are instructed not to come to your lesson. Reschedule your lesson for a healthier day.


My music and research library is available to all students. I must be notified ahead of time if a student plans to arrive early or stay beyond their scheduled lesson appointment to insure my presence in the studio. If a young student cannot be dropped off or picked up promptly, please call to check my schedule.


Please do not park in front of neighbors' houses. There is a red zone on the south side curb on our private street specifically for my students. If you need disabled parking, please inform me and the space in front of the studio will be left available.