by Rebecca Jones

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"Rebecca Jones is a skilled teacher of all genres of vocal music whose love of singing is contagious." Read more...



Rebecca Jones is a classically trained singer and recognized professional entertainer. Ms. Jones has studied strengthening vocal health with Edward Sayegh, belt with Lisa Popeil, contemporary techniques with Daria, improvisation with Rhiannon and musical theatre mix with Mary Saunders. With this breadth and depth of knowledge, Ms. Jones coaches and trains singers for success in college auditions, shows and the music industry. She has performed in Europe and across the USA. Ms. Jones was the director of the distinguished Marin Theatre Company School of Theatre Arts in Mill Valley and now directs the Rebecca Jones School of Vocal Arts in San Rafael and is Director of Music at the

Musica Frivola Concert

What students are saying about Rebecca:

"Rebecca not only transformed my voice but helped me find my sense of self, guided me through my troublesome adolescent years, championed my successes and mourned my losses. Calling her a mentor is an understatement but it's the word that comes to mind."
Samantha Cooper, Actor, NYC

"If singing is your planned career path or if it's just a fun hobby on the side, Rebecca is the singing teacher you want and need."
Gabi Gotts, Singer/Songwriter, Berklee College of Music

"Natalie, your vocal coach is doing some good coaching. I hear what you are doing with vibrato and phrasing."
Seth Affoumado, Musician, Teacher at Bandworks

"Not only is Rebecca a skilled teacher who's able to explain a new concept in a variety of ways, she's also kind, compassionate, and encouraging."
Natalie Gotts, Lead Singer in the band, Generous Measures

"I recommend her without hesitation. She is an inspiring vocal coach who makes every lesson productive and FUN. She is supportive and not critical. Her love of singing is contagious."
Anne M. Liebermann, MBA, Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitator

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