Voice Lessons by Skype

Voice Lessons By Phone
Aka Skype Singing
Phone lessons can help the professional stay in shape or the novice explore their voice.
If you have a good ear and have all of the equipment necessary, including sensitivity and the commitment to do the work, phone lessons are an excellent alternative to physically getting to my studio.

When you take a voice lesson from me by phone, I can hear you as if you are right in front of me. Because I have a highly developed ear, I can tell what you are doing with your body
what may need to be corrected. All you need to get started is a full length mirror, your computer and access to Skype.

Then there are two options of how to proceed:
1) We can do a Consultation Lesson just over the phone or
2) A Recorded Lesson where we record the singing lesson or voice lesson over the
phone from my end and then I mail it to you burned to a CD. (For this option, it is
best if you have a good quality headset microphone, which I have available for
Here is a great opportunity for you to try a phone lesson/consultation without having to
purchase a whole six lesson session. You can buy a 45 minute Consultation Lesson for $85.
or the Recorded Lesson for $150. so that you can see how well it works for you.
Once you buy the phone session, you will need to call me or communicate by email,

I will then send you a questionnaire via email. Once I receive your answers via email, we will book the phone lesson/consultation by phone using a credit card or pre-paid by check. Then you call me at your appointment time for your phone lesson.
I specialize in vocal training for all ages including singing, preparation for auditions,
repertoire consultation and speaking. Study with me from the comfort of your own home,
studio, or if you are a professional musician or lecturer on the road who needs to keep in
shape, I’m as close as your phone.

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