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"Super Singing! Sing Right from the Start"

A guide to a healthy singing technique and

to healthy yelling techniques!

A concise, easy to understand guide for students of all ages to ways of developing their singing voices. Designed with short chapters followed by exercises, this workbook guides and inspires anyone looking for information on learning to sing the right way.

$14.95 as PDF

$21.95 printed and mailed.

$19.95 cassette tape of exercises (to order, see audio tapes)

Scripts for Children’s Musical Productions

These shows are about twenty minutes long using songs adapted from Broadway shows transposed to keys for children’s voices. Minimal costumes, sets, and props can be used.

Scripts $50.00 each play

PDF $42.00

Cassette Tape of Piano Accompaniments $75.00 each score

"Gabriella’s Song"

A show based on the book by Cadace Fleming. A story about a little girl who loves to sing and a composer looking for inspiration. Set in Venice, utilizing song such as "Who Will Buy?" "I’m Called Little Buttercup," "Funiculli, Funiculla," and "Mama Will Provide."

Parts for 12+ children, ages 7-14.

"Song of the Wild Goose"

A show based on the story, "The Girl who Wanted a Song, " by Steve Sanfield. The story of loneliness and friendship that inspires success. Uses songs such as "I’m Flying," "Take my Hand," "Castle on a Cloud," and "Love Makes the World Go Round."

Parts for 12 + children, ages 7-14.

"Any Dream Will Do"

Set in the world of a modeling school, teachers and models from all over the world prepare for a fashion show. The actors design their own costumes. Includes songs such as "I Enjoy Being a Girl," "Elegance," and "Loverly."

Parts for 12+ children, ages 7-11.

"Wands and Wizards"

At the Wands and Wizards Fair, all kinds of magical things happen Songs include, "Bippity Bobbity Boo," "Part of Your World," "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," and "When You Wish Upon a Star."

Parts for 10 children, ages 7-11.

"Yes I Can"

A musical review of songs. The script is about a young girl dreaming of her future. Includes songs such as "If We Hold On Together," "When You Wish Upon a Star," "Can’t Buy Me Love, and "Hero". This show is easily adapted to include songs appropriate to all kinds of dreams.

Parts for 10, more or less, ages 7-14.

Children’s Books

$15.00 each


An inspirational story about a caterpiller conquering fear. Illustrations are for coloring!

"Good-bye, Brother"

A family tale about letting go.